If Dom Can, So can you !!!

Dom suffered a serious brain injury in August 1994, whilst working in Cyprus.

Sine then he has become very interested in bike riding from the moment he went to Columba Park with his wife Doreen, and they decided to get bikes out. Dom was very surprised that he could even ride a bike after the doctors had told his parents (Ann & Bill) that he'd never walk and talk again.

With this new found skill he started doing bike rides with swain (another head injury survivor) and had big plans to do sponsored bike rides.

Because of one reason or another this didn't come off. Mainly because Dom started having trouble with his knee which was a long term injury.

When Dom started back he began using the exercise bikes in the Gym more and more and from there he would do sponsored bike rides using exercise bikes.

He has already done a couple of 12 hour bikeathons in different supermarkets but this is to be a different proposition. Usually between 100 and 200 km a day for 23 days with 3 days rest.

I have wanted to do it for a few years but always put it off as I thought I was too busy. The real reason is that I wasn't fit enough but this year I feel I am, although I'm 10 times busier running domdot design.

The wide behind exercise bikes was more people would see me doing it so the fore more chance of fund raising and more importantly awareness raising.

Please support by popping down to your local Asda to see me, sponsoring online or sending sponsorship money to:

Headway Rotherham
Kirk House
Browning Road
S65 2LG

And if you don't know about Headway - the brain injury association
or would like to know more information please ask and they will be
happy to send you any.




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